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Kilmurn is a dynamic Project Management Company which provides to its clients a 10 year history of extensive experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Kilmurn comprises of experienced professional project managers together with experienced and professional engineers who control and manage the company's operational activities. This combination of professional and in depth knowledge, with extensive experience in the management of major projects around the world provides a high level of project delivery capability.


The aim of Kilmurn is to deliver world class Project Management, Construction Administration and Health and Safety Consultancy services through the formation of close alliances with our Clients.


The values we have at Kilmurn are professional integrity, work ethic, respect, health, safety and social values. We understand that it is essential for these values to guide our code of conduct.

Mission Statement

To provide a service to satisfy our Clients' needs and exceed their expectations. To undertake our business with Integrity and Professionalism


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Project Managment

CDM-C Services

All construction work within the UK


Kilmurn offers its clients a full range of services

Past Projects

Below are some of projects in which we are presently involved or have completed.

  • 2002 - Present

    Ballylumford 600MW

    Northern Ireland Ballylumford 600MW Gas Fired Power Plant 2002 to Present - CDM Coordinators!

  • 2003

    Ireland 50MW

    Ireland 50MW Open Cycle Gas Fired Power Plant - Project Safety Engineers. 2003

  • 2004 - 2006

    England Kent 120MW

    England Kent 120MW Waste to Energy Plant - Project Safety Engineers. 2004-2006

  • 2008 - 2009

    Belgium 150MW

    Belgium 150MW Waste to Energy Plant - Project Safety Engineers. 2008-2009

  • 2007 - Present

    Lagos Nigeria 150MW

    Lagos Nigeria 150MW Open cycle Gas Fired Power Plant - Designers Engineers and Principal Contractors 2007 to present

  • 2008 - 2009

    Belgium 150MW

    Belgium 150MW Waste to Energy Plant - Project Safety Engineers. 2008-2009

  • 2005

    Northern Ireland Wind Farm

    Northern Ireland Wind Farm Energy Plant Project Safety Engineers and Mechanical Engineers 2005

  • 2008 - Present

    Northern Ireland Quadgen Power Plant

    Northern Ireland Quadgen Power Plant Project Safety Engineers and Mechanical Piping Installation Engineers 2008 to present

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We at Kilmurn appreciate the pressure on the Earth's resources and the impact that modern living has on the environment. As Engineering consultants we are committed to promoting and advocating the use of renewable energy and sustainable recycling. From low head mini hydro to wind farms, solar panels and biomass systems Kilmurn Engineers are familiar with the technology and are able to help. Click on the links to the right for specific information

Mini Hydro

Kilmurn provides a design and installation service to their clients for low head river hydro schemes from 50kW to 800kW using the Archimedean Screw Hydro. We have worked with individuals, developers and governments on the design and installation from stand-alone systems up to multiple screws working in tandem to produce the maximum output from low head sites, this experience ensures we can take projects from conception through to full power production.

Our turnkey design and installation services will take a scheme from planning; through design and system specification, selecting the right equipment and solutions to optimise the scheme; selection and management of sub-contractors for construction and installation work; providing project management and connection to the local; electrical grid distribution Network.

Kilmurn offers its clients a range of post-construction services in order to maximise the potential of hydro schemes. These operation and maintenance services include:

  • remote monitoring and generation reports
  • fault diagnosis and repair
  • annual maintenance and inspections

Wind Energy

At Kilmurn we are committed to providing innovated solutions to our clients in developing all forms wind turbine erection. Up to 2013 we at Kilmurn have been involved in the project management of 10 windfarms within Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.

At Kilmurn we provide full plant installation services and through the project management service we provide ensures that projects are delivered by a specialized and experienced team with a proven track record in wind turbine installation. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that all safety, environmental and security needs are met with minimal site disruption. By providing a total project management erection service, we are able to reduce costs for the client and shorten the overall project delivery time.

Wind-Diesel (Hybrid) Solutions

For specific locations where there is not enough local electrical grid capability, we can offer you with a ("hybrid") electrical power solutions ranging from 50kW to several MW, using a combination of diesel, and wind application.

Such a solution requires wind turbines that will always work. Due to our focus on selecting only the most robust and reliable wind turbines, and the use of proven components and software, we can offer optimal solutions for your demand.

We operate a modular concept that allows for easy adaptation which provides a flexible solution to meet the specific demands of your location using a combination diesel generators combined with wind energy.

Ideal Solution

We specialise is providing a complete service from your initial enquiry through to project commissioning and operation.
Generating power from water, wind or a combination of both is the oldest form of renewable energy supply. Most clients will only ever develop one hydro or wind power scheme in their entire lifetime and they are faced with the challenge that nature has provided a potential hydro or wind turbine site that is largely unique to them. Hence requiring an engineering solution that addresses their site-specific characteristics.
In some areas where off grid certainty is required we can offer a Hybrid System where power delivery is guaranteed by the use of a Wind Turbine with Diesel Generation backup .

Our approach

Our solution consists of a three-step approach to provide you with the reliable power you require.
The first step includes the design and engineering resulting in the solution for your specific location and electrical demand. This is completed after the feasibility study has been conducted by our engineers we will integrate your existing infrastructure and diesel generator sets where possible.

The second step includes the delivery, installation, start-up and training of your personnel.
The third step consists of one year of operational performance optimisation (for instance fine tuning of wind energy penetration, additional fuel cost saving and second line support to your operational personnel.

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